Harnessing Stranded Gas for a Sustainable Digital Future

Our mission is simple yet profound: to create a cleaner, more efficient digital world by utilizing stranded natural gas to power data centers. We aim to reduce environmental impact, lower energy costs, and provide reliable computing power for the ever-growing demands of the digital age.

By transforming wasted natural gas into a valuable resource for digital infrastructure, we ensure energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As the digital age grows, so does the demand for sustainable and dependable computing power. We are committed to meeting this demand with environmental stewardship and operational excellence.

Join us in pioneering change

We believe in the power of technology to shape a more sustainable future. GreenFlare is at the forefront of transforming the oil field with an innovative solution for oil and gas operators to utilize wasted resources. By bringing computing power directly to the source, we merge energy and technology to create a unique investment opportunity for those committed to a greener future. Join us in this groundbreaking endeavor and invest in a sustainable tomorrow.

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Ready to learn how GreenFlare is revolutionizing the digital and energy landscapes? Create your own digital pipeline with us and eliminate the middleman. Contact us today to discover how we can support your needs while contributing to a more sustainable world. Join us in pioneering a greener future through innovative technology and efficient energy solutions.

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Greenflare's Executive Team

Ryan Fitzgerald

CEO & CO Founder
  • 10+ years in the oil & gas industry
  • Consulted for numerous private and publicly traded oil and gas companies
  • CPL - Certified Professional Landman
  • Former Charles Schwab derivatives broker and AXA registered investment advisor

Kevin Goehl

COO & CO Founder
  • With over a decade of experience in sales and entrepreneurship, I've honed my skills in building and growing successful businesses.
  • Successfully raised capital for two businesses, showcasing my knack for attracting investors and securing funds.
  • Actively involved in the Bitcoin community since 2016, staying ahead of the curve in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • Skilled in fostering strong community relationships, ensuring lasting connections and a robust network.

Dan Jesek

CTO & CO Founder
  • 20+ years in the tech industry
  • Expert in systems architecture and reliability engineering
  • Active in the Bitcoin community since 2011
  • ​Participated in and tracked the mining industry for 10 years
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